Northeast Tennessee

Easy…AKA…In honor of Dona- “All-day” -tello

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Conditions: 52 degrees, damp, a very pleasant morning

14 PAX showed up

Honeysuckle was there early.  Baby, an FNG, and Queen came to run a lap at 5:20.  Honeysuckle watched the post by the bleachers just in case some of the PAX showed up a little early.


COT/Prayer (Honeysuckle)

Warm-up (5:29:45 sans Rudy/Ponzi)

SSH – IC X 15 (Rookie mistake #1, Honeysuckle meant to do 13 but no-one was the wiser)

5:30:45 Rudy/Ponzi arrive

TTT (stretch that groin out well) – IC X 13

LBAC – IC X 21 (both directions)

Rookie Mistake #2: Honeysuckle & Faceplant leave gloves in trucks.  PAX mosey to playground except Honeysuckle/Faceplant pull veteran move, go to truck, get gloves, cut through bushes to intercept main body.  Back on track.

The Thang:

4 station circuit in square with partner:

Rookie mistake #3: Honeysuckle forgets the 5 burpees while PAX is drawing Baby a picture of what to do.  Ponzi yells it out but we all ignore him (it will come back to haunt us).  Onto the circuit….

Partner 1:

Merkins X 10 OYO, lunge to corner

Squats X 10 OYO, side step to corner

Dry-docks X 10 OYO, lunge to corner

Crunches X 10 OYO, rinse and repeat

Goal: 120 each/team

Partner 2:

5 pull-ups/rows, then 1 suicide (popping corn on the cob mark the lines – sorry guys no fancy cones in my basement), switch with partner 1, rinse and repeat

After 20 minutes no-one hits goal of 120, too much fun so we form up for Indian Run.  Donatello complains.  Pathetic formation (blame Honeysuckle).  Goal is up and over the hill.  Heizenburg freaks out and tries to keep us on concrete.  Formation falls apart, rally at bleachers.  Spiderman Squats X 10 OYO.  Indian Run commences around track, stopping at each half lap for following: Dry-docks X 10 IC, Flutter kicks X 21 IC, Shoulder pretzels X 21 IC, then dealer’s choice – Elevator (thanks Glory), 8 burpees (Thanks Rudy, knew those would come back to haunt us), LBAC X 20 IC (thanks Jobs, needed the break).  Honeysuckle thinks he ain’t making it until 6:30.  Donatello calls 3 minutes left at 6:12.  Honeysuckle redoes his math and we wrap up with a Fire Drill on the damp field in 2 circles.




Announcements: Pray for Brian Odle, another cycle of chemo this week.  Sign up for Erwin launch.  Need good representation.  Prayer (Honeysuckle).

Welcome FNG Neil Lewis – I can’t remember all his stories except the one about the crapper.  The PAX acts like a FiA group and spends 7 minutes deciding on a name.  Donatello changes agreed upon name walking to parking lot.  PAX obliges.  Welcome to Stand-Up-Johnny.



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