Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

With the new crop of leaders emerging, YHC has been content to step back and stay off Q for a good while. With the Saturday launch of F3 Erwin looming, however, a solid Q to shake the rust off seemed in order (and the Q sheet was blank).

Arrowhead is a great AO, but it’s pretty dark. We have made due. One of our beloved (Kardashian) has been working behind the scenes (because he knows everyone) to get the lights turned on for us (and the other runners who use the track). YHC had all but given up hope, but suddenly when all seemed lost—the lights came on right at 5:30.

After much GroupMe discussion on Murph, YHC was prepared to hit the pull-up bars with the Arrowhead Pax, resistance bands in tow for those caught somewhere between body rows and pull-ups. However, it just didn’t seem right to mosey to the other side of the AO where we have better lighting, when the field lights miraculously appeared ex nihilo.

There’s also the fact that 21 guys showed up—the pull-up bars would have been crowded. So YHC called an audible. We were going to use the filed—the whole time.




  • SSH (20 IC)
  • TTT (10 IC)
  • LBAC (10 each way IC)
  • Merkins (10 IC)
  • Squats (10 IC)
  • Windmills (10 IC)

Field Squat/Merkin Ladder

Let’s kick it old school…the field has lines painted for soccer, lacrosse, or some other high end sport for which YHC knows nothing about (I played American FOOTBALL). However, this did give us solid line markers until American Football starts back up.

  • Run to 1st line (25 yards) -> 10 squats -> run back -> 10 merkins at the baseline
  • Run to 2nd line (50 yards) -> 20 squats -> run back w/ 10 merkins at the previous line & 10 merkins at the baseline
  • Run to 3rd line (75 yards) -> 30 squats -> run back w/10 merkins at each line you pass & 10 at the baseline
  • Run to the 4th line (100 yards) -> 40 squats -> run back w/10 merkins at each line you pass & 10 at the baseline

Totals 100 squats/100 merkins

Random assortment of field ladders made up on the fly

  • Lunge to the 1st line (25 yards) -> 5 man makers (like a burpee with 2 merkins and shoulder taps, I kind of just made it up) -> Lunge from the 1st line to the 2nd line (25 yards) -> 5 man makers -> run back to the baseline
  • Bear crawl to the 1st line (25 yards) -> 10 jump squats -> bear crawl from the 1st line to the 2nd line (25 yards) -> 10 jump squats -> run back
  • Burpee broad jump to the random circle (15 yards) -> run to the 2nd line (35 yards) -> 10 merkins -> run back
    • That was awesome—rinse and repeat

Half Black Jack

  • Run to the 2nd line (50 yards) 10 merkins -> run back to baseline for 1 sit-up.
    • Rinse and repeat decreasing the merkin reps & increasing the squat reps each trip until you hit 1 merkin and 10 sit-ups.

We are done. Mumble chatter shut down. There may have been some tears.


  • Countarama
  • Namearama

Welcome FNG Daniel Tolan “Flounder” (R): Medical missionary, works at the VA, likes to ride bikes and salt water fish -> Flounder it is.


Not to much to say other than I’m proud of these guys. On a totally random Tuesday, we had 21 men at Arrowhead and 14 at Iron Horse. That’s a new high of 35 for F3 Northeast Tennessee. I can’t think of a better way to kick of a launch week and gear up for the Spring/Summer. T-claps to Glory, Baby, & Ponzi for making it out after Ragnar this weekend.

Side Moleskin—YHC has been pushing quality reps over volume. However, after multiple, played out jokes directed at YHC about “doing merkins all day” YHC decided we were doing some merkins today. They were spaced out for optimal recovery with sets no higher than 10, but we did do a lot—roughly 235 if you count burpees/modified man makers. No more jokes or it will only get worse.

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