Northeast Tennessee

Hacer o no hacer no es lo intentes

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather–62 and nice

Time:  5:30am

Light on the field:  Apparently not anymore

Accessories-(Backpack with stuffed Yoda + Sombrero)–It is May the 4th and Cinco de Mayo Eve



Warm Up

Slaughter Starter–10 Burpees OYO

Imperial Squat Walkers x 20IC

TTT x 20IC

LBAC x 10IC each way

Seal Jacks x 20IC

Big Arm Circles x 10IC each way

Merkins:  5 Hand Release IC; 5 Wide IC; 5 Regular IC; 5 Diamond IC


Indian Run with a Light Saber Baton passed down the line.  Once last Pax gets baton, then he runs to the front of the line.  If baton is dropped, all Pax do 10 Burpees.  Ponzi dropped the baton after two laps.  At least I think it was Ponzi…

The Thang

1) B.L.I.M.P.S.

4 cones across the width of the football field.  At each cone you will do:

5 Burpees; 10 Lunges each leg; 15 Imperial Walker; 20 Merkins; 25 Plank Jacks; 30 Squats

If finish all four cones circle back to the 6 and finish with them.

2)  Crawlbear Hill

Groups of 3 relay.  Pax 1 at bottom does Mexican Jump Squats (while jumping after the squat yell ‘ole’ or something Spanish).  Pax 2 will Crawlbear up the hill to Pax 3 who is doing Imperial Squat Walkers.  Relay out and Crabwalk down the hill. Rinse Repeat.  Queen wished we had more time for these as he loves Bearcrawls.  At least that’s what I think I heard him say in Spanish?  ‘El Cabron’ means ‘awesome’, right?


Shoulder Pretzels/Moroccan Nightclub at Q’s direction

Boat/Canoe/Dolly at Q’s direction.  I think the Pax loved holding canoe so much that when we did Dolly’s in cadence at times during the canoe I kept hearing the phrase ‘Chupa Bolas.’  This means, ‘Keep Going’, right?

Flutter Kicks x ??

Shoulder Pretzels/Moroccan Nightclubs for final minute at Q’s Direction


Pedialyte brought a friend.  FNG-David Bryant-60—>EMT Professor at Northeast State—>CPR—>Mannequin they use has been called ‘Annie’—>therefore ‘Annie’



Don’t take yourself too serious.  There are times to be serious but also times to be goofy.  Like carrying around a stuffed Yoda and wearing a Sombrero.  Remember it’s Hard Skin/Soft Heart. Not the other way around.

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