Northeast Tennessee

Murph teaser with a burpee bonus

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather: 52 with a 90% chance of rain (which the Lord held off until COT)

17 PAX ignored the meteorologist and showed up in the gloom to put in some work

COP – Rudy





TTT – 15 IC

LBAC – 15 IC

LBAC (reverse) – 15 IC


The Thang

Murph Teaser with a burpee bonus

PAX performed 5 pull-ups (or body rows), 10 merkins, and 15 squats per round

After 2 rounds, run to the end of the parking lot and perform 2 burpees

Add 2 additional burpees per each 2 rounds (following round 4 do 4, round 6 do 6, ect.)

PAX continued on this circuit until time was called.



Jog to the track and grab a partner

5 minutes of gassers – partner 1 runs down and back, then switch







Today was one of those workouts when it really hits home just how important F3 is to this group of guys, including me. Guys who in their first weeks were sucking wind and modifying everything. Today they kicked a partial murph in the teeth and really pushed themselves on the gassers. Yes the work was hard, but the spirits were high. Seeing a group of men cutting up and enjoying a pretty brutal workout is a sign of just how far we’ve come. Everyone’s motivation is different. Some guys desire a lifestyle adjustment through the workouts, others the fellowship, and others are just crazy enough to keep showing up. The mental toughness and grit it takes to keep showing up and putting your body through the Qs builds character you simply can’t manufacture in your comfort zone. The AO definitely isn’t a comfort zone, it’s a resilience factory.

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