Northeast Tennessee

Nowhere All-Day Block Party

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Temp: 57 degrees partly cloudy – dew

Prayer – Sweaty Palms
Warm up
• SSH (20 IC)
• Through the Tunnel (15 IC)
• Abe Vigoda (15 IC)
• Merkin (10 IC)
• Willie Mays Hays (15 IC)
• Little Baby Arm Circles (20 IC Each Way)
• Hillbilly Walkers (20 IC)
The Thang
Indian Run Clockwise around the track (200 meters) to the first station:
• Squats (roll the three dice IC)
• Peter Parkers (roll the dice IC)
• Merkins (roll the dice IC)
Modified Indian Run to the next Station (75 meters)(line lunges while chaser runs)
• Dips (roll the dice IC)
• Big Boy Sit ups (roll the dice IC)
• Hands Free Merkins (roll the dice IC)
Move to the end zone – Modified Indian Run to next station (50 meters)(line bear crawls while chaser runs)
• Flutter kicks (roll the dice IC)
• Shoulder Pretzels (roll the dice IC)
• Carolina Dry Dock (roll the dice IC)
Mosey to the start
• Colt 45 with your block or plate (OYO).

Modified Greta 1-2-3

• It’s like Dora 1-2-3 but performed with each exercise using a 30lb block (100 Blerkins, 200 big boy sit-ups, 300 squats to overhead). Also, while one of the pair is running, the runner is carrying another block to leave at the top of the run for the other to carry back. 50 meter run.  When it came to the 3 the chatter was at a minimum.

Announcements/Welcome:  Something is happening next Saturday but none of us could remember exactly (maybe it was the hurt’n Greta put on us).  Convergence at Founders, June 10th.  Welcome Joel M – Cankle.

Special intentions for our wounded F3 bothers who are taming the GOMAR this weekend and to those recovering from injuries.

Cankle asked us to remember is brother who escaped a horrific traffic accident unharmed.  YHC and Training Wheels will be traveling to Haiti next weekend for an 8 day mission trip.


As men of faith we need to embrace the hardships in our lives. I used to believe that these “tests” were helping to mold me into a better me; they were by design preparing me for the next hardship. While these statements maybe factually true, I now believe I am never alone in my struggles. Christ weeps with me when I am in agony, he lifts me up when I have fallen, and he is by my side when I am pushing aside obstacles. Celebrate the victories and the hardships for you are not alone.


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