Northeast Tennessee

Fleet of Feet

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

8 Pax endured this week’s edition of sport conditioning

Warm Up (40 yards & back):

  • Light jog
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Carioca
  • Back peddle
  • Power skip

100 yard run (slow through 20, sprint 20 to opposite 20), throttle down last 20 (rinse and repeat)

Rotation 1—Beep test

  • Cones 20 meters apart. Keep running back and forth on the beep until you can’t make the line. Simple, but really, really sucks. Took about 8 minutes to complete.

Rotation 2—20 yard shuttle runs (20 rounds)

  • Start on 10 yard line, run to the 20, back to the goal line, spring back to the 10
  • 15-20 second recovery between rounds

Rotation 3—lateral box jumps, suicide stairs (3 Rounds)

  • Starting at bottom of stairs, lateral jump on and over mats (9 inches tall) -> suicide stairs (up on level, back down, up to level 2 and back down, all the way to the top)


  • Countarama
  • Namearama

Welcome Derrick Fudge -> former ETSU football player -> owner of Fudge Fitness -> college nick name “Chocolate Thunder” -> nope, way to cool -> Mickey, as in the pale Irish Trainer of Rocky (he’s also from Florida, so it’s a double play).

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