Northeast Tennessee

Montani Semper Liberi – Mountaineers are Always Free – Doc Ock Saluting WV’s 154th Birthday!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)



WELCOME – Today in history 154 years ago – 1863 The US added its 35th state. So today in honor of our amazing “Almost Heaven” State, everything will be based around Wild and Wonderful WEST VIRGINIA


  • Mountain Climbers – IC – 18
  • Hillbilly Walkers – IC – 17
  • Thru East River Mountain Tunnel – IC – 18
  • Charleston Circles – IC – 17 forward (like a LBAC just slightly bigger & better)
  • Charleston Circles – IC –18 in reverse
  • Mountaineer Motivators – IC – 5 (Like Motivators but add in a Harper’s Ferry Jack)
  • Moonshine Mosey – Mosey backwards for one lap (you have enough moonshine you don’t know which way is forward and backwards!?!?)


  • Ski Jump to the first cone
  • Burp and Merk – 10 (Burpe progressive add another merkin with each burpe)
  • Bear Crawl to next cone
  • Harper’s Ferry Jacks – 10  (SSH with feet only touching in middle)
  • Lewisburg Lunges to the next cone (backwards lounge)
  • Coal Miner Crouch – 10 (Squat with a 3 count twist)
  • Moonshine Mosey to the next cone
  • Pepperoni Roll Clerkin -5 each way (Total of 10) (Roll right Clerkin, Roll left Clerkin)
  • Jerry West Slide back – (BBall defensive slide to the right with arms down half way. Defensive slide to the left arms up the other half)



  • Heals to Heaven – IC – 35
  • Morgantown Molly – IC – 18 (Like a Dolly but one leg at a time )
  • Spruce Knob Pounders – IC – 17 one leg, 18 the other (Like Pickle Pounders but one leg up)
  • Eat Sh!T Pit Plank – 3 count hold (Plank then opposite leg, opposite arm off the ground with a point)
  • West by God these are hard Vs – 3 count hold




MOLESKIN – It was fun to prepare this workout and I hope all enjoyed the modifications to exercises. YHC was not loosing his mind. Either we were going to do 35 of each exercise or 17 and 18 to total 35.  WV is the 35th state.

Congrats to Shatner and Chunks for completing the YMCA mini Triathlon this past weekend.

Tonight the Farmer’s Market is in Erwin and having a community bike ride. I don’t know if it was confirmed but snow cones were mentioned as a reward!?!?  YHC thought Auntie Ruth’s Doughnuts would have been a great incentive?!?

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