Northeast Tennessee

Winner, winner chicken dinner with a side of ‘merkins, motivators, burpees and fairy jacks

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Time – 5:30   Temperature – 65 F




  • Motivator – 5
  • ‘Merkins – IC – 10
  • LBAC – IC – 15
  • LBAC In reverse – IC – 15
  • ‘Merkins – IC -10
  • Imperial Squat Walkers – IC – 10
  • Motivator – 5
  • ‘Merkins – IC – 10

The Thang 

  • A round of 21 with Burpees and Fairy Jacks
  • A little round of sprint from cone to cone.   The six will run the rest of the circuit backwards. Another sprint cone to cone. The last PAX sprinting forward will now join the first 6 running the rest of the circuit backwards. Another sprint cone to cone. Again, the last of the PAX sprinting forward will join the other 6s the rest of the circuit backwards. Rinse and repeat till all PAX are running backwards.  –  Great Job Chunks for beating out YHC (wearing a 20 lb vest) on the last sprint.


  • Sweat Angels – IC – 20
  • Flutter kick  – IC – 2
  • Motivator – 5
  • ‘Merkins – IC – 15
  • LBC – IC – 20
  • Heals to heaven – IC – 15
  • Straddle V Ups – 3 count hold with a great deal of birthing noise mixed in but the PAX

Count-o-roma – 12 (1-FNG)




Welcome FNG (well kind of) – Dan Gathercole (R).  Dan made some of Thursday’s post till it starting raining.  Dan was in the Army for years and has no problem working out in the rain but being his first post, he said he was not mentally ready.  We were happy he returned but with much love and appropriately he is now given the F3 name Copperfield (R) for his disappearing act.  

YHC thanks those in attendance. I know its summer and a lot of us are running here & there with our family. We can’t make all post but keep encouraging friends, co-workers, neighbors, brothers at church or even a stranger who might need some support to join us!  I am so proud of all the work each one of us puts in!

For those participating in the 10 K ‘merkins in July – 60 ‘merkins during warm-up. 30 during Mary.  During The thang if you made it to 10 Burpees you hit an additional 55 (subtract or add according to you completion.

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