Northeast Tennessee

Cobains Ladies

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Ghost writing for Jester, since he’s studying and apparently can’t spare enough brain focus to write a back blast.

With Jester on the Q the prevailing question is always—can he actually pull off an entire COP without messing up cadence? 20 PAX discovered that once again, the answer—No—although he’s getting better, after more than a year of practice. Progress.




  • The Motivator (from 7, The Motivator messes up even the best of Q’s)
  • Willy Mays Hayes (10 IC)
  • Hillbilly Walkers (some random number because he forgot to raise his voice at 10)
  • Slow Mo Merkins (10 IC)
  • TTT (10 IC)
  • Windmills (10 IC)
  • Some more Slo Mo Merkins (10 IC)
  • Maybe something else, can’t remember

Mosey over to the bend in the hill for some twisted Dora. PAX pair up 100 merkins, 200 LBC, and 300 squats—alternating runs up the hill to the right and left. I’ll have to say, Dora on the Hill was nice. Good call Jester.

Mosey to the track—one lap with 25 merkins on the corners and 10 monkey humpers on the straits. At this point I must interject that there were three ladies running laps around the track. I’d like to apologize on behalf of F3 Northeast Tennessee for the unfortunate sight of PAX doing monkey humpers on the track as the ladies ran by. YHC was smart enough to position himself at an angle and wait for the ladies to pass by before commencing the awkward exercise movement. If only the rest of the PAX had this same self-awareness—sorry ladies.


  • Boat/canoe
  • Flutter kicks

Dealers Choice

  • Donatello -> what else would YHC pick? -> 10 merkins (IC)
  • Rudy -> what else would Rudy pick? -> elevator merkins—savage

Welcome FNGs Spirit Fingers and Geppetto


It’s always great when Jester is on the Q, there will be no shortage of opportunity to joke at his expense. He takes it like a champ and deals out a good bit mumble chatter himself. Great Q, solid work by the PAX. Again—sorry ladies.



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