Northeast Tennessee

18 for 4 corners

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather: mid 60’s with a heavy layer of dew on the field (and some mysterious bird that kept flapping around and chirpping at YHC as he was placing the cones)


Willy Mays Hays x10 IC

Slow drop Merkins x 15 IC

Hillbilly Walkers x15 IC

Little Baby Arm circles (forward, then reverse) x11 IC

Slow squats x 10 IC

Count off by 4’s then mosey to center of the field where four cones are set up for several rounds of four corners will commece.

Rotation 1:

Cone 1 (with Blocks): curls x 20: bear crawl to cone 2. Cone 2, LBC’s x 50. Bear Crawl to cone 3. Cone 3 (with blocks) kettle bell swings x 20. Bear crawl to cone 4. Cone 4 merkins x 25

Rotation 2: same as #1 however sprint between cones

Rotation 3: (lunge between cones)

Cone 1: over head press x 20, Cone 2: flutter kicks x 40. Cone 3: upright rows x 15. Cone 4: squats x 25

Rotation 4 same as 3 however sprint between cones

Rotaion 5: bear crawl between cones

Cone 1: Bent over rows x 20. Cone 2: oblique crunches x 40. Cone 3: curls x 20. Cone 4: lunges x 30 (15 each leg)

Rotation 6 same as 5 however sprint between cones.

YHC shared thoughts from devo I read last night on the story of the Prodigal Son. That even though the father’s grace was magnified in the younger son, this is actually a story of 2 Lost Sons.  Niether loved thier father; only his stuff.  The difference was how they went about getting it.  One, the older was nice and followed the rules and obeyed not out of love but because his heart craved something else.  We all know what the younger wanted.

Had the older brother actually been a good brother he would have sought after his younger brother to bring him back regardless of the cost.

Jesus wants us to see him as a better older brother, and that the enemy will tempt us to doubt the father’s love, but that he will bring us back and pursue us.  And that he stands waiting to wrap us up in His arms and welcome us back. Proving that real satisfaction and joy can only be found and experienced in the fathers presence.
Kingsport launch this Saturday

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