Northeast Tennessee

A morning to remember at Arrowhead…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

18 doods rose up in the steamy jungle morn to flex and strut with their coupins.


The MOTIVATOR from 10 IC (first 10 I royally screwed up the counting)

LBAC x 15 IC each way

Abe Bagoda x 10 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Plank Jacks x 10 IC


Grab a block, mosey over to flagpole at bottom of the hill. Drop off block.

Partner up. Mosey over to pull-up bars. A does pullups / bodyrows / deadhangs. B does LBCs.    1 minute AMRAP for each partner. Then run back to hill.

A runs block to top of hill, then runs down while B does air squats. B then runs block up and drops off while A does air squats. Then switch to bring block back down. I wanted to rinse and repeat, but it’s still taking longer than I think to run to places so we just ran to the top of the hill and got our coupons and ran back to the football field.

Ruin Abs for 10 minutes. (on 1 minute intervals, do 10 sit ups, then plank on forearms until the minute is up. Repeat x 10 until abs are destroyed. If you drop plank, do burpees until next ab set starts)

1 minute AMRAP Burpees (a fan favorite and crowd pleaser!)

Marriage is a sacred thing, and much like F3, requires work to keep in good shape. I spoke about a close friend that recently revealed he was having an affair with someone at his office. I recently celebrated my 14th wedding anniversary, and hearing of yet another marriage that is ending really breaks my heart. It simply doesn’t have to be this way. I’m no stranger to temptation, nor am I a stranger to poor choices. One thing every case of infidelity has in common – it’s a slow, methodical, 100% predictable process of making (seemingly innocuous) bad choices after bad choices. These bad choices make you feel temporarily good – getting attention from that lady friend releases dopamine production in your brain, just like cocaine – because you think you’re finally getting what you need out of someone. This leads to a literal addiction to the person that you are having an affair with, and like any addiction, it blinds you to the consequences of your choices and to the world around you.

On their own, small steps such as lingering after a meeting at work, going out of your way to drive someone home when you don’t have to, exchanging more than just work-related details in emails, and above all, spending time that you don’t have to with someone that you are attracted to, seem innocent and excusable at first. And maybe that’s the only place those actions go – maybe it never turns into anything else. But I do know that small steps precede having a full-blown affair 100% of the time, as no one wakes up one morning in a happy marriage and decides to throw it all away with a single choice. At some point, the switch is thrown. At some point, it’s not innocent anymore. How close are you to that point?

So I exhort my homies – examine yourselves. Think about your actions. If you are feeling close to another lady friend, figure out why that is and what it will take to be close to your wife instead. Most of us have kids, which makes the consequences of infidelity or just a lackluster marriage permanent. You are the only model your kids will have for the first 13 years or so of their lives, and the way you conduct yourself will stay with those kids forever.

Examine yourselves, and share with a brother if you are struggling. There is no shame in it – we all struggle and there is nothing that you are dealing with that isn’t shared by at least one brother around you (that’s in the Bible and stuff, too). The worst thing you can do is leave all of your feelings and temptations in the dark, where they will fester and grow. Exposing them to the light will change your life.

Rise up like you did this morning at 5AM and do more than exercise your body. Examine your heart. Build your real strength there.

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