Northeast Tennessee

Heartbreaks and Hand Releases

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett) Starfish Qs

14 pax got better at F3 Kingsport the morning after the Hilltoppers handed it to D-B.  The F3 Johnson City gents were welcomed anyway.  This was YHC’s first trip to the Kingsport AO.  Lots of options led to lots of mumblechatter, and lots of merlot splashing.  YHC angered his right knee last Saturday; ergo, burpees, squat jumps and lunges were off the menu.  Shoulders and abs, you say? ABsolutely.

Weather: Drizzle pretty much the whole time.  Low 60s.

PRAYER – Rite Aid

  • HR Merkins x 10 IC
  • Hillbillies x 25 IC
  • HR Merkins x 8 IC
  • Imperials x 25 IC
  • HR Merkins x 6 IC
  • Prisoner squats x 10 IC
  • HR Merkins x 6 IC
  • Plank jacks x 15 IC
  • HR Merkins x 5 IC
  • LBACs forward x 25 IC
  • LBACs backward x 25 IC
  • HR Merkins x 5 IC straight to plank x 1 minute

So there was some mumblechatter about the COP.  Is the COP supposed to be a warm up?  Can’t find a clear answer on F3Nation.  Here’s my take…I take COP literally.  I shoot for maximizing the minutes of work in a 60 minute warmup. Therefore, the COP should be painful.  I think I made Donatello’s shoulders hurt, and I think I heard him complain about merkins??  He ran to his car to get his man cream and was all better.  Grateful he brought the cream with him.

Mosey to bottom of hill and pair up – about 1/4-1/3 mile

Heartbreak 1-2-3 (Merlot splashed here)

Partner 1 runs to top of hill (about 125 yards) while partner 2 works toward cumulative goals; flip flop until done; pick up the 6

100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 Squats

12 for 12 (And I think merlot splashed here too)

Pick a parking space for high-intensity interval training.  AMRAP x 1 minute, 10 second transition to next space.  R&R until 12 sets complete

Exercises included:

  1. Curls for the girls
  2. BBSUs
  3. Block presses
  4. American hammers
  5. Shoulder pretzels
  6. Heels to heaven
  7. Mountain climbers
  8. Flutter kicks
  9. Plank
  10. Plank jacks (left this one out on accident so did 1 extra of whatever pax started with)
  11. Merkins
  12. LBCs

Had a little extra time so started back through the rotation with 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds transition.  Got half way through until time called.


  • Countorama
  • Nameorama

I didn’t prepare anything for a devo.  Probably should have and feel a little guilty that I didn’t prioritize that.  I mentioned to the pax, as I’ve mentioned several times before to other gents, that I’ve never stuck with anything that’s good for me for this long.  And I have no intention of letting off the gas.  This past week, I smartsacked on Monday and Tuesday to give my knee some needed rest.  Man I missed those workouts.  I’m not as good of a man, husband, father, colleague, teacher, you name it, without putting in work with my F3 comrades.  I’ve told my students for years that it’s tough to care for patients/others in the way you should when you haven’t taken care of yourself the way you should.  F3 has been a major step in the right direction.  I’m a work in progress.  I wish I could learn to desire broccoli, carrots, [insert healthy food] like I desire posting.  Excited for Kingsport to catch the fever.  And I’m confident they will.

Keep the Kingsport EH going strong.

Name Game

Jonathan Cantley –> gamer –> Sega (per Brownie who EH’d him).  Have to say it with the right inflection like the old commercials.  Zelda was a close second.

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