Northeast Tennessee

Burpee Catch Me if You Can

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

11 Men (3 FNGS)  made it out on a 60 degree clear morning after Murph and a late night football game.  YHC was dragging and needed some energy and figured some burpees would get the blood flowing.


Motivator from 8

Merkin IC X 10

LBAC forward IC X 15

LBAC reverse IC X 17 (I have no idea)

Abe Vigoda IC X 10

Merkin IC X 10

Hillbilly Walker IC X 10

Pax mosey to track to play a little game of catch me if you can burpee style.

  1.  Pax formed a straight line and began a slow jog with the last person in line stopping to do 5 burpees and then catch back up to the pax and tap the new last person in the line and continue up to the front.  The new last person then begins their 5 burpees and this was cycled through one time completing 3 laps in the process.
  2.  YHC figured he would introduce up hill crawl bears to the Kingsport pax with steep hill next to the track.  Pax crawl bear up hill and then complete 10 BBSU’s and then run back down hill to the track and complete 10 jump squats….rinse and repeat
  3. Next mosey to benches behind school and complete step ups or box jumps X 10 then complete triceps dips X 15….rinse and repeat

Boat/Canoe IC

Elevator Merkins IC

I can’t speak for the whole pax but getting out of bed this morning was tough for me after completing my first Murph and staying up a little too late.  Its days like these when you force yourself to get up and complete a workout that really make the difference and makes you better.  I appreciated everyone’s effort and energy in putting in the work!!

The launch of F3 Kingsport is coming to a close which means the pax must continue to recruit and grow Kingsport and take ownership.   We will soon be adding Thursdays to the schedule which means we need people to sign up to Q and lead some workouts.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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