Northeast Tennessee

Q….as in get on it

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

19 PAX decended on the AO on a chilly 51 degree morning. QIC was forced to jump on the Q as no one had bothered to pick it up so the workout would be sponsored by the letter Q. Being the 17th letter of the alphabet, all reps would be done with 17 reps.

TTT – 17 IC

SSH – 17 IC

Merkin – 17 IC


Pretty straight forward Q (maybe not the running but oh well). QIC had established 4 stations stretching from the pull-up bars and ending at Roan St. Total distance for 1 full round was just over 1.1 miles. PAX were split into 3 groups to keep each station from getting too crowded. Each group began at a respective station and then advanced to the next station until they hit the final “mystery” station at Roan St and then jogged back to the pull-up bars to rinse and repeat. QIC was kind enough not to inform the PAX what awaited them at the final station. Each station had one move for 17 reps OYO. The goal was to completed roughly 4 rounds but only a few made it to the end of round 3.

Station 1

  • Round 1 – Pull-ups
  • Round 2 – More pull-ups
  • Round 3 – Another round of pull-ups
  • Round 4 – Even more pull-ups

Station 2

  • Round 1 – Merkin
  • Round 2 – Hand release merkin
  • Round 3 – Carolina dry dock
  • Round 4 – Diamond merkin

Station 3

  • Round 1 – Squat
  • Round 2 – Lunge (R+L=1)
  • Round 3 – Squat jump
  • Round 4 – Side lunge (R+L=1)

Station 4 – Mystery Station

  • Round 1 – Burpees
  • Round 2 – More burpees
  • Round 3 – Another round of burpees
  • Round 4 – Even more burpees

Total distance COP to COT was 3.25 miles (less depending on what round you completed).


Just barely enough time for a few minutes of Scissor Twist (a fan favorite).


Dragon Boat coming up this weekend. F3 races at 9:30 and 11:30 at Warriors Path State Park. Please come out to show support. Thanks to all the guys rowing or who provided shirts.

GrowRuck is coming up. I’m sure Donatello will give us some info about it eventually. Right now I’m not sure anyone knows much about it.

CSAUP events upcoming (starting to lost track) – Bluegrass Half Marathon, Goliath at the Gorge, Haunted Half Marathon, GrowRuck, Ragnar (teams are forming), and GOMR (teams are being formed). Join us for some serious but Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless fun!!

Saturdays at Arrowhead soft launched last weekend with the official launch on 9/16. This will give PAX and FNGs a 7-8am option on Saturdays. Iron Horse is getting a bit crowded and this was sorely needed. We are planning bi-monthly convergence workouts to keep everyone connected. You can also double-down with a post at Iron Horse 6-7am and then Arrowhead 7-8am (only a 7min drive). If you are feeling really froggy I recommend the trifecta Saturday beatdown which consists of Iron Horse Stridelite at 5:15am, post at Iron Horse 6-7am, and then journey to Arrowhead 7-8am.

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