Northeast Tennessee

Dora, DORA, you ok!?!?

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Weather – 55 degrees

  • Motivators – IC – 7
  • Arm Pretzels – IC – 15
  • Merkins – IC – 10
  • LBAC – IC -15  Kept arms up to continue right to picking cherries and dropping them in the bucket arms still up right into in rev -IC – 15
  • Mosey a lap and plank on the six

Floppy Disk had mentioned pushing ambulances would be fun and YHC was almost able to get us one but that also gave me an idea.  I wanted to keep it simple today and along the theme of EMS, I thought Iron Valley need to revive Dora.  She had not made an appearance in a while.  Since some CPR was need to revive Dora, the count was slightly different.  Chest compression are 1 AND 2 AND 3……..   We paired up in traditional Dora fashion – One PAX jogged the length of the parking lot and back while the other performed said exercise switching till finishing each.

  • 1 – Merkins – 100
  • AND – Lunges – 150
  • 2 – LBC – 200
  • AND – Plank Jacks – 250
  • 3 – Squats – 300


  • Pickle Pounders – IC – 15
  • Since Floppy Disk was mumble chatting and YHC thought he heard him say the difficulty of the Pickle Pounders needed a little something extra, we repeated pickle pounders with one leg up.  This time there was moaning and groaning from the less experienced pickle pounding PAX.     Right leg up – IC -10     Left leg up – IC – 9
  • Sweat Angels – IC – 20
  • Flutter Kicks – IC – 15
  • V- Holds (There is no real name yet for these. General thought is “Doc we hate you” was a good name?!?! There were also some jokes about elephants & trunks or different size trunks but we will leave that be….. lol) – 3 count hold – 4


  • Count – a – rama
  • Name – a – rama

PRAYER   – Capo for his appointment to have further investigation on the possibility of a clot as well as Ma Bell with his situation.  We can and do have each others backs but there is no better one on your side, who can lift you up besides GOD.  HE has this brothers!

We need more HC to the GoRuck especially a HC if it would get moved to JC!   Last Erwin/RISE Farmers Market is tonight.  Let’s get out and support our community.

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