Northeast Tennessee

Party of Five and a Tire

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Perfect 62 degree morning for 5 PAX to get the heart rate up and the chatter down. The AO was a little lite on PAX with the challenge of the Goliath at the Gorge later in the day. QIC wanted to be sure everyone got their money’s worth.
TTT – 10 IC

LBAC – 10 IC

LBAC Reverse – 10 IC

Merkin – 10 IC

Just flippin’ fun

QIC had been eyeballing some tractor tires tucked away around the AO for a few weeks now. Seemed like a great opportunity to break them out. Cones were setup approximately 25yds apart. Beginning at the closest cone, PAX would take turns flipping the tire one after another until reaching the other cone. Rinse and repeat 5Xs.

Time to go to work

QIC began a new workout series a few weeks ago and was anxious to bring some the routine to the PAX. Mosey to the playground. Workout consists of a series of moves AMRAP for 30 sec with little to no recovery in between for 2 full rounds with a short recovery between rounds. Moves were:

  • Vertical jump
  • Burpee pull-up
  • 1 Leg sit-squats (R Round 1, L Round 2)
  • Leg In-and-out hops
  • Plyo merkin tap
  • Crazy horse
  • Chin-up crunch w/ squat jump
  • Knee driver
  • Sumo tuck jump
  • Lunge-lunge-squat

More flippin’ fun

Both rounds of the main workout were done in time for some additional tire fun. PAX lined up at the same cone to flip the tire with some added fun.

1st round – flip the tire and then broad jump over. We completed 2 rotations before switching it up.

2nd round – flip the tire and then perform 3 plyo merkins using the tire. We completed 2 rotations before time was called.


Strong work by the party of five!!

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