Northeast Tennessee

Have Ruck? Will bear crawl!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

64 degrees in the dark gloom under the starry skies of Arrowhead AO.  We thought we would continue the ruck friendly theme.  Those with rucks brought them.  Those without sweated and groaned, as well.

Note:  Missing two PAX – send me a note if your name is not listed!

  • SSH (IC) X 15
  • TTT (IC) X 15
  • Willie Mays Haze (IC) X 10
  • Mericans (IC) X 10
  • LBAC Forward (IC) X 15
  • LBAC Backward (IC) X 15

First exposure to a workout with a Cadre beating us down: Pax lined up an arms length apart and started moseying around the track with QIC in the back of the line.  When the QIC saw a gap longer than an arms length he called “drop ’em!” and the PAX did 5 Mericans. At one point QIC was told “I think you need to get your eyes checked” When the Pax were told to drop! Truth be told, the PAX held the line together nicely; The QIC just wanted to inflict a little pain.  One lap later the Pax were told to mosey to the far goal line

Now for the fun part:  The Pax paired off.  Partner one bear crawled for approximately 30 yards (or at least that’s what the PAX were told). Partner two stayed to perform a cycle of AMRAP exercises:

  • Mericans
  • Little Baby Crunches (LBC’s)
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers

When Partner one moseyed back, the partners switched working through the series of exercises.  Rinse and repeat.

Many groans and some mumble chatter commenced.  QIC realized that PT with a ruck was no joke.

QIC asked Baby to lead us in a fine round of boat canoes – this finished us out to 6:15
Goliath updates from Donatello – about 13 or more guys are signed up.

Growruck was brought up by QIC, but was quickly hushed – not the best time to EH for the Growruck event…but the event needs another 17 men to sign up…more info to follow!


Heisenberg out

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