Northeast Tennessee

Black Jack Split

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Cool 45 degrees, 17 Pax, Wilbur mentioned that with the lights off at Arrowhead, it is nice to see the stars in the sky.
DISCLAIMER – Jar Jar (After the 20 burpees as a tribute to my first post where I was welcomed by a burpee train prior to 7 am.) 
PRAYER – Jar Jar 
SSH – 15 x IC (Mumble chatter was at a high, but you QIC took it like a boss, no weinke, and no counting mistakes, also order done correctly: starting position – move, in cadence, exercise)

TTT – 10 x IC

LBAC’s forward, reverse, and shunook 15 x IC .
I wanted to pay tribute to my first Post so we moseied to crawlbear hill and crawlbeared to the parking lot. There were three sets of cones setup approximately 20 yards apart. PAX numbered off by 3. My first post was to Blueberry Fairy’s VQ which was a Black Jack of merkins to BBSU. I didn’t finish.

  • 1’s Black Jack Merkins and BBSU
  • 2’s Black Jack Carolina Dry Docks and American Hammers (2 count)
  • 3’s Black Jack Squats and Flutter Kicks (Not wanting to leave out chests and arms, this group got to bearcrawl from cone to cone)
  • Goal was to rotate through as many Black Jack groups as possible. I am so impressed by the PAX that I might have over estimated how much we could get done. I thought a few might make it all the way to the third station. I think most of us only completed one full station and some of another.

Enough time for 2 minutes of boat canoes.
Today was my anniversary Q. One year! I wanted to thank Kardashian for getting me out for my first post. I also wanted to thank all the PAX old and new for the motivation they give me to keep pushing. Donatello said some nice words about me and PBS mentioned something about a participation plaque. This group of men are some of the finest men I have been around. Each one adds their own special touch to the group.
I am obligated to announce Growruck coming up. Sign up if you are interested

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