Northeast Tennessee

3 Men and Some Stairs

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

A few PAXs lite due to rucking prep, 3 men descended on The Hill in the 44 degree gloom. QIC was coming off a 2 week smart sack and the stairs were calling.
Light stretching and jog to the stairs
Simple yet effective. Beginning at the bottom of the concrete steps (to the left of the home stands), run suicides using each flight of steps until reaching the top. At the top, shuffle right, shuffle left through the cone, then jog to the end of the stands. Run each row of steps on the home stands until reaching the end closest to the concrete steps. Jog back down the steps onto the track and sprint from the cone and back (80 yrds total). Jog back to the bottom of the concrete steps, rinse and repeat. QIC called time @ 6:13am and completed 5 full rounds for a total 2.18 miles (and a few thousand steps).



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