Northeast Tennessee

Modeling the F3 Mission and Credo

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

I don’t know exactly what the temperature was, but it was pretty darn cold at the outset. 9 PAX got up, de-iced their windshields (except for Cougar who ran to the AO) and forged ahead anyway.

YHC had been reflecting recently on the things learned in the GrowRuck 05 experience outside of the actual ruck portion. Some of these lessons formed the theme of this workout.




One of the lessons from the GrowRuck workout led by OBT and Dredd was, “When in charge, take charge.” Leading an F3 workout is an opportunity to sharpen our leadership skills and YHC took this opportunity to harp on form a little bit. The only thing anyone was called out for during the GrowRuck F3 workout was their form. Modifying the exercises is great, but going half way through the range of motion for the sake of moving faster is not okay. Let’s all do the work and get better.

  • Motivated Burpees from 5 (5 squats –> 5 mountain climbers –> 5 merkins –> 5 mountain climbers –> 5 side straddle hops; then 4, 3, 2, 1 of each in this sequence – applying the Motivator concept to the Burpee)
  • Abe Vagodas x10
  • LBAC x15
  • Cherry pickers x10
  • LBAC in reverse x 15
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x10
  • Hydraulics x10
  • Mosey one lap

Part 1 – F3 Mission – “Plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups to invigorate male community leadership.”

This mission contains 4 verbs, so to help the PAX memorize the F3 mission we set up 4 stations – one dedicated to each missional verb. PAX partnered up to help each other remember the mission, as it was key to remembering the workout. Partners should be of similar weight (important for part 2 below).

  1. Plant – The mnemonic for this is Robert Plant, so we did Bearway to Heaven. 4 cones were set up about 10 yards apart going down the field. From the starting line, bear crawl to the 1st cone and do 4 merkins then bear crawl back to the starting line. Then bear crawl to the 2nd cone and do 3 merkins then bear crawl back to the starting line. 3rd cone, 2 merkins. 4th cone, 1 merkin. Kind of like a bear crawl suicide with merkins.
  2. Grow – Grpees x7. This is a slight modification of Bropees, but naming them Gropees seemed . . . incorrect. So they are Grpees. Partners face each other, perform a burpee and at the end jump as high as they can and stretch to execute a sweet high five.
  3. Serve – Hydro-squats from 7. Partner 1 gets into the plank position; Partner 2 lifts both of partner 1’s ankles to waist-level (wheelbarrow position); Partner 1 completes 7 hydraulics; then partner 2 completes 7 squats. Continue with 6 hydraulics and 6 squats –> 1 hydraulic and 1 squat. Flapjack. Holding your partners legs while they do hydraulics helps them really smoke their triceps and shoulders. A true act of service.
  4. Invigorate – Motivators from 7

Part 2 – F3 Credo – “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.”

This is where partners being of similar weight was important. We practice leaving no man where we found him by performing partner carries from the starting line to the end of the field and back, switching partners as often as needed.

  1. First trip – Fireman’s carry
  2. Second trip – Piggy back
  3. Third trip – Carryer’s choice (Fireman’s carry or piggy back)


  • Little baby crunches x25
  • Flutter kicks x15
  • Gas pumps x15
  • Fire hydrants x15 each leg

Barn Door and Bollywood are just back from paternity leave and showed a lot of guts and grit in the way they were pushing through the work. We are glad to have you guys back. This was a tough workout (for me at least) and it is cool to see the progress these men are making. It would have been much tougher for me a few months ago. I’m proud to know these guys and to be a part of this group.

There is a duathlon (running and cycling) coming up at the Unicoi County YMCA, check with Chunk for more information.

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