Northeast Tennessee

a mumble chatter free block party

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Knowing they were going to put in work 20 pax bounded in to the AO on a comfy 27° clear morning.
SSHx 20 ic

windmill x10 ic

merkins x10 ic

imperial walkers x15 ic

slow squat x10 ic

slow merkin x10 ic (t-claps to Donatello for informing the pax that is how one properly should perform the merkin)


pax mosey to the goalpost to observe before them 4 illuminated cones o’pain.  They were informed that cone 1 was for the upper body, cone 2 was for the lower, cone 3 was for the core, and cone 4 for the whole body.  Each cone was placed approx 15-20 yards apart. The pax were instructed to bear crawl while dragging their coupon to each cone and perform assigned exercises.  On the way back to the goalpost they were to  lunge stopping at the 2nd and 3rd cones for a 2burpee speed bump at each.  Each round is completed when returning to the goalpost and performing offset merkins on the block (10/side).

Cone 1: curls x30, upright rows x20, bent over rows x15/arm

cone 2: squats x20, dead liftx20, side lunge x10/side

cone 3: bbsu x 20, side bends (w/block) x15 /side

cone 4: kettle bell swings x20, squat press x15, power cleans x 15

YHC was a bit disappointed because we were only able to complete 3 of the planned 5 rounds…oh well that’s what a Saturday is for.


On 1/27 we look forward to celebrating our 1 year anniversary at Arrowhead. I hope all are able to make it out, please reach out and  encourage those that haven’t been around for a while

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