Northeast Tennessee

It’s an Erwin thang… when it snows you 4×4

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

7 Pax came out for a 1 degree workout.  Chunk was pleased with the turnout.  PAX joked that data shows unusually low attendance anytime Chunk has the Q.  It must have been Donatello’s pep talk on Slack or maybe DockOck’s Poker Chip inspiration that brought everyone out.


  • Hill Billy Walkers
  • Willy Mays Hayes
  • Through the Tunnel
  • Arm Pretzels
  • Little Baby Arm Circles
  • Motivator
  • Introduction to 4×4 (4 count mountain climbers x 4 combined with 4 merkins)

A 3 man team and a 4 man team performed a relay.  1 PAX was always running.  Exercises were performed at both ends of the run.

  • 4×4’s x 25
  • Squats x 100
  • Dips x 100
  • Lunges x 100
  • Jumps x 100
  • Diamond Merkins x 100
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x 100
  • American Hammers x 100

Flutter Kicks, Little Baby Crunches, Sweat Angels, Dock I hate you’s
PRAYER – Prayed for the sick, and those without warm shelter and Escape Hatch’s family and new baby on the way
Fill out your goals for the year on the google doc that Hatch created.

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