Northeast Tennessee

Time for Quiz-BOMBS

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Conditions – a windy 53ish

16 showed up at Iron Horse and I think I overheard some of the Pax stating that they’re going to start cramming on the way to the AO from now on. More on that later… 

DISCLAIMER – Kardashian
PRAYER – Kardashian

  • TTT X 10 IC
  • DQ X 11 IC
  • LBAC X 15 <>
  • A visit from a LONG Burpee Train
  • Get in Plank and stay there until someone can say the F3 Mission (no helping allowed). Start at one Pax and pass to the right until we get it right. (probably 90 seconds – 2 minutes of planking)
  • SHH X 21 (2 count) – Q counts 5 aloud then Pax counts the rest in your head OYO. If we end out of sync, go again. We got it right the second time
  • Get in Plank hold it until we can get the F3 Creedo (that came pretty quick)
  • Plank – name one of the 5 Core Principles of F3
    • Get it right – 1 merkin
    • Get it wrong or pass – 5 burpees ( ended up with about 15 burpees)

Mosey to Tombstone Hill  – Pair up for BOMBS

  • 50 burpees
  • 150 Overhead claps
  • 150 Mericans
  • 200 BBSUs
  • 200 Squats

Partner runs to top and does 5 of whatever is happening at the bottom of the hill (this is a bonus – not added to the pair’s cumulative).

Mosey to Amphitheatre

Get on your six – keep your feet up throughout:

  • Box cutters X 10 IC
  • Dolly X10 IC
  • Flutter kicks X 10 IC

PRAYER – Kardashian
2nd F

To paraphrase Freed to Lead, the 1st F, Fitness is what brings guys to F3, but it’s the 2nd F, Fellowship (the glue) that makes them stay. The men of F3, specifically Iron Horse have brought that home to me over the past few weeks by holding me accountable without even knowing it.

We got spoiled last winter. YHC spot-checked weather data for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays last winter and we didn’t have many workouts under 30 degrees and I think none in rain. In fact, when the News and Neighbor sent a guy to report about us in February, we were bundled up like Nanook(s) of the North. It was 27 degrees that morning for goodness sake. When we’d comment on the mild winter weather, Rudy would usually say “God loves F3.” This winter though, has been drudgery for me. Every night, I set my clock(s) and look at the weather and cringe. To say that I wouldn’t go out on my own in 2 degrees is a crazy understatement. My running miles are down simply because I’ve not pushed myself to get out in the cold. BUT, if I know that you guys are swinging your feet off the side of the bed (BTW – that’s the hardest part about F3), then I’m going to be there. I know that if I’m depending on the Iron Horse Pax then maybe someone might be depending on me.

One way the 2nd F ties the 1st and 3rd Fs together is accountability. YHC was asked recently when I had last posted my food intake to Lose It! (then he told me how long it had been) and another asked how my month of abs was going and another asked how my five minutes of prayer a day was going. These are not questions you ask the guy in the cubicle next to you. These are questions you ask a guy you care about and who you want to see grow. These are not questions you take from a superficial relationship. They are questions you receive from someone you respect and trust.

I welcome the accountability and I thank the Pax of F3 Northeast Tennessee for helping me grow.

Twilight invites us to check out Re-Engage at Grace Fellowship which previews tonight and next Tuesday. He shared that it’s like F3 for your marriage, but Penn countered that the Fs are different.

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