Northeast Tennessee

Super Burpee Makeup

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

It was damp Monday morning for the 8(dont let me leave anyone out) Pax that started their week off right!
TTT- IC 15

Wille Mays Hays- IC 10
Indian run to the yet to be named(not sure what is taking so long) hill entering the Science Hill parking lot.

Start with 2 burpees at the bottom, Sprint to the top, Followed by 2 burpees at the top.

Rinse and repeat for a total of 10 times

Indian run up Liberty Bell Blvd.  Stopping every time the QIC got to the front.  Do 5 burpees.

Continued around SHHS again stopping every time the QIC got to the front of the line to do 5 burpees.  Finished up back at the track.

Burpees Sandercides.

Start on the goal line and do 1 burpee sprint to the 5yd line and do 1 burpee.

Bernie Sanders back to the goal line and do 1 burpee.  Rinsing and repeat at every 5 yd line.

Once you get to the 50yd sprint back to the goal line instead of Bernie Sanders(heard to much mumble chatter for a Monday) continuing the burpeecides to the opposite goal line.

Finished up with a Donatello.

Stair Suicides with 5 burpees at the bottom and top of every rep.


That should have total about 114 burpees for the morning.  Congrats to the Eagles on a Superbowl win. 😉

We won the first battle of the week.  We got out of bed!  Keep that thought for the rest of the week.
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