Northeast Tennessee

Rainy Days Aren’t Always Mondays! But they can be Good Days!

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

DISCLAIMER – WILBUR  45 degrees and light rain at slacked off at starting time. Wilbur and 1 FNG
SSH x 15IC, LBAC FWD/BACK x 10, Mericans x 10IC, SSH x 15IC, Mountain Climbers x 10 IC,  TTH x 10, Abe Vigoda x 10IC, Mosey the Parking lot twice.  Pick up the Blue Blob (60# Sandbag with no handles) and head down to the Hill going onto the track.
Blob Carry – 1 PAX carries blob to top of hill 150 yds and back while others start on 10 LBC, 10 BBSU, 10 Carolina Dry Docks & 10 Dancing Bears.  Switch when 1rst runner returns.  4 rotations.

Burbee Mile.  Run once around track stop and do 12 burpees.  Repeat 4 times.

Double time back to starting parking lot.

Colt 45’s with Block then 10 Block Presses – Rinse and Repeat twice.

CIRCLE OF TRUST  – Naming of FNG Eric Echard will wait till more post. 
Commitment – Wilbur confessed that if FNG had not shown he would have been back in Fart Sack in less than 20 minutes.  Thanks Eric!  Said he is coming back.  Will be a Saturday guy, is at work before 7:00 AM.

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