Northeast Tennessee

“Super” Black Jack on the Hill

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

30 degrees, snow had fallen overnight.  Brisk breeze, 16 ready PAX.

  • Side Straddle Hop (SSH) X 10
  • Through the Tunnel (TTT) X 10
  • Little Baby Arm Circles (LBAC) X 15 forward and backwards
  • Mericans X 15 IC
  • one lap around the track
  • Plank on six, mericans X 5 IC

Mosey to parking lot near school
Today’s workout was simple.  a Blackjack workout consisting of IC mericans at the bottom of the long hill and IC Squats at the top. rep count equaling 21.  I had all of this figured out on paper (over 200 IC mericans – heck yeah!), but misjudged what I really could do in the allotted time (and allotted physical fitness).

After five trips up to the top of the hill, YHC realized that we were not going to get the requisite number of mericans in, and Arrowhead started the week in the lead.  (its the small things y’all).  So QIC modified the length of the trip to just half-way up and modified the squats to single count. This did not improve things much as the PAX grumbled they didn’t have enough recovery time between merican sets.  QIC managed to have decent form through 1 to 10 reps IC = 55 IC.  75 IC total for workout.  I queried the PAX on who had the most reps – Jobs spoke up and said that the OFFICIAL rep count is on the QIC.  Jobs is a man who insists on order.

Donatello dubbed this one the “Super” Blackjack; I’ll take it, and keep it handy.  This one is probably best left for a Saturday!

Lesson learned – don’t expect to bust out of the fartsack after two months, and think I’m going to get 200 IC mericans done in 45 minutes…With the hill run in-between reps, QIC was tasting metal (and nearly splashing merlot) after four trips up the hill…

Mary did not show herself today. She was hiding from all the manly shoulders and biceps.
Last week I heard a statement that really stuck with me.  I’ve been on a two month hiatus, so I needed a catalyst.  “What you do in your 40’s will affect what you CAN do in your 70’s”  I see a lot of older (but not OLD) folks who I’m sure would like those 30s-50s back.  Take care of yourselves now.  I want to be vibrant when I’m an old codger.
Some announcements today:

Upcoming Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Heritage Baptist Church, Saturday 8:30-9:30 (contact Ponzi or Rudy for more details) F3 PAX invited!

Some CSAUP events (YHC still catching my breath so I didn’t get all of that.) something about a dude named Ragnar and other fun stuff.

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