Northeast Tennessee

Does running count as a cute or complicated VQ?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

22 PAX including a FNG came out on a cool day, mid-40s.  Thanks to the few Ironhorse regulars that ventured over to the track this morning.  Several PAX in the business of logistics felt the need to come early and carry giant logs and gas cans from one part of the track to the other.


  • Motivator IC from 7
  • Clock merkins (position your body at 12:00, do the merkins, hold the plank and rotate to a different time position on command). ICx 3 each at 12, 3, 9, 6, and 12 o’clock.
  • Hillbilly walkers IC x 10

Mosey to the school flag at the base of the hill.  Pair up, one PAX does burpees while the other moseys to the bend halfway up the hill, then sprints to the top of the hill.  Mosey back down the hill and switch off.  Rinse and repeat until time is called (ended up about 2-3 cycles).

Mosey to the bathroom (it’s bright over there).

Same pairs, one PAX does:

  • 10 deconstructed burpees (10 squats, 10 in-and-outs, 10 merkins, 10 in-and-outs)
  • Wall sit

The other PAX runs around the track.  On the opposite side are cones separated roughly by 10 paces.

  • 1st cone, moving merkins (right)
  • 2nd cone, lunges
  • 3rd cone, moving merkins (left)
  • 4th cone, frog jumps

Continue around the track to the bathroom and switch off.

Rinse and repeat (time called after about 2 cycles each)


  • WMH x 10 count each side
  • Standing quad stretch [a bit wobbly] for 10 count each leg
  • Merkins IC x 10 courtesy of Queen
  • Baby sit ups IC x 5 courtesy of Goat Cheese


This VQ was during my 10th week coming to workouts.  F3 mission in part is to inspire leaders.  PAX who came after Gutterball (eg, Dandelion, Goat Cheese, Carman) consider leading a future Q.


Welcome FNG – James Battle (Sherpa).


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