Northeast Tennessee

Use Every Part of the AO

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Beautiful sunny morning for 8 pax to trust me with their metabolic conditioning.

We did some light warmup stuff.
4 New workouts for pain and pleasure:

  1. Hill suicides: Mosey to the hills behind baseball field. 1 partner traverses the hill across entire length of one side of the field, while running up and touching the guardrail and then running down and touching the sidewalk at the bottom. The other partner does squats until the first partner reaches the other side, then the running partner switches to continuous squats while the other partner traverses the hill. Repeat on the second hill on the way to the track.
  2. At the railroad ties, Partner 1 does 10x box jumps, then 10x step ups 1 ct right leg. Partner 2 does 10 Merkins and 10 WWI Situps. R&R for time.
  3. Mosey up the hill to Hemorrhoid Hill. Parter 1 then does continous burpees while Partner 2 runs to 1st hill landing. Partner 2 switches to burpees while Partner 1 runs. Repeat down to bottom of hill, then up to top of hill except running is Bernie Sanders.
  4. Parter 1 does 5 ring pushups, and 5 ring body rows on swings, R&R until Partner 2 returns. Partner 2 does 2 cycles of monkey bars, 2 swings on Green Machine, traverse the parallel bars, and 5 pull ups. R&R for time.

Finish up with elevator merkins.


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