Northeast Tennessee

Farm Strong

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

It was a beautiful Tennessee morning. Perfect for getting stronger and becoming better. Seven guys chose to show up and become better versions of themselves.

  • Valley Merkins x3
  • Abe Vigodas x 10
  • Rockette Hillbillies x16
  • LBAC x20 –> Cherry Pickers x20 –> LBAC in reverse x20
  • Motivator from 7
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x10

PAX paired up and rotated through three stations equipped with items collected from YHC’s homestead. The idea was to build farm strength among the PAX.

  • Station 1 – 8 foot 6×6 wood posts – Each pair carried the posts around the track. The posts were carried on shoulders for the straightaways and extended overhead on the curves. Each infection point was marked by a cone where the pair would stop to complete the prescribed exercise, as follows:
    • Infection point 1 – 20 coordinated squats holding the post
    • Inflection point 2 – 20 coordinated curls with the post
    • Inflection point 3 – 10 coordinated lunges (each leg) with the post
    • Inflection point 4 (starting point) – set the post down and complete 8 burpees over the post
  • Station 2 – rectangular hay bales – Farmer carries as follows:
    • Suitcase carry a hay bale in the right hand slowly to the end of the blacktop then complete 15 decline merkins with feet on the hay bale.
    • Suitcase carry a hay bale in the left hand slowly to the other end of the blacktop then complete 15 decline Peter Parkers with feet on the bale.
    • Front carry (with both hands in a 90 degree curl position) a hay bale slowly to the other end of the blacktop then complete 15 box squats (six to the bale before standing up).
  • Station 3 – 50 pound bags of horse feed – Partners rotate as follows:
    • Partner 1 lifts the bag from the ground and brings it to the right shoulder, lifts the bag over to the left shoulder, then gently places the bag back on the ground (the penalty for a busted bag of horse feed was a trip to Tractor Supply with YHC to purchase a replacement). This series of movements was completed 5 times under control. Then should the bag and run to the end of the blacktop and back.
    • Partner 2 does burpees while Partner 1 completes the 5 of the bag lift reps and does Side Straddle Hops while Partner 1 runs to the other end and back.
    • Partners switch.
  • Continue to rotate through stations until time is called.


  • Sweat Angels x15
  • Side Crunches x20 each side
  • Flutter Kicks x30
  • Valley Merkins x3


If you live in Unicoi County, don’t forget to go vote on Tuesday. T-claps for the Iron Valley PAX who are running for office.

YHC will be hosting a 2nd F event at his house on Sunday 5/6 from 3:00 to 6:00. Check Slack for details.

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