Northeast Tennessee

Keep your eye on the ba—DOH!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Weather: 50 and fair. 12 Pax showed up to put in some work. There was almost a cage match fight over the Q as Baby had volunteered, but missed adding his name to the calendar.


  • SSH X20 IC
  • TTT X15 IC
  • HW X10 IC
  • DQ X10 IC

Indian Run w/coupon to the Millennium Center parking garage. Flag at front, toss a softball and last Pax prints to the front and trades ball for flag, repeat. If ball drops, 5 burpees (we got to do that A LOT – butterfingers).

At the parking garage, partner up.

1: runs to first level; 2: Overhead claps until 1 returns flip-flop, then run together to level 2.

Repeat at each level with

  • SSH
  • Hydraulics
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Tony Hawk Burpees

At top, get in trios and gassers until all are truly GASSED.

Suicides back down the stairs.

Run back by crossing bridge, pausing for planks, and mericans, to allow the six to catch up.

Back at the AO

  • Flutter kicks X50IC
  • American Hammers X30 IC
  • LBCs X10 IC (slow count)

Watch for CSAUP events coming. Nothing helps you push like having a goal for which to aim (amirite, Heavy GoRuckers and marathoners). Next up: Downtown Mile is Wednesday, June 8th at 7pm. This is a great way to set a mile PR. Watching the elite runners do sub 4:20 miles is worth the price of admission. GOMR is also approaching. Though we don’t have a F3NETN team, the organizer told me that he has teams with open spots,so if you want to run some hills, this is your chance.

The GrowRuck Heavy is a few weeks away and there’s an opportunity to support the team without carrying a log with them. Pythagoras can get you deets about how to shadow these guys.

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