Northeast Tennessee

Down the Stretch

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0530

WEATHER: Somewhere between cold and warm

Motivator from 7


Don Quixotes

Hillbilly Walkers

Little Baby Arm Circles

Shoulder Pretzels

Little Baby Arm Circles Reverse

Willie Mays Hayes

Indian Run


As a transplant from Louisville, Kentucky, YHC gets a little nostalgic around Kentucky Derby time. Since that event just transpired, today’s thang paid tribute to the real heroes of the Derby: the horses, from the favorite (Justify, 3-1 odds) to the longest of shots (Instilled Regard, 94-1). One of the features of Derby parties of my youth involved drawing horses’ names out of a vessel–usually a red Solo cup–and then collecting the pool if my horse won (which never happened). This morning’s thang replicated that exercise by having Pax draw names of horses out of a red Solo cup and doing exercises that corresponded to each horse–Carolina Dry Docks for Combatant, Hand Release Merkins for Hofburg, Freddie Mercurys for Firenze Fire, etc. The number of reps corresponded to the horses’ odds. All good and well if Pax drew My Boy Jack (5-1); not as pleasant if Pax drew Bravazo (69-1). The 1 in the odds represented the lap around the track that all Pax ran after completing the exercises.

Just enough time for a quick round of Boat-Canoe


While we were a few days late, running the derby with my F3 brothers did this Kentucky boy’s heart good. Especially when a few of the Pax started feeling their oats and hit the backstretch like Secretariat (I’m looking at you, Mudslide).

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