Northeast Tennessee

Doc Ock pushes the men to set higher goals

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Pirate Cove (Unicoi)

WEATHER – 61 degrees

  • Sumo Squat Calf Raises – IC – 15
  • Curls with coupons – IC – 15
  • Over Head presses with coupons – IC 15
  • Motivators – 8
  • Dips – IC – 15

As our new OA developes it is ever changing.  Goals will be a constant theme. As Les Brown has been quoted “It is better to aim high and miss than to aim low and hit.”   We also want form. Getting stronger does not happen being faster.  Today we set some physical or fitness goals as well as spoke about personal goals as we hit the Thang hard

  • First PAX took a Lap and recorded a time.  The next lap PAX were challenged to stay with in 10 percent of their first lap. If this was not the case a 15 burpee penalty was required.
  • Next, Merkins – 50 merkins – how every many short of the goal was paid in burpees
  • Mosey to the play ground. Hanging – Goal was 30 Seconds. QIC changed to 45 halfway thru then even push the men to a minute. Penalty was to be a burpee for every second short of a minute. NO PENALTY was paid here!  Awesome work men.
  • Mosey back to Track, Plank again 30 second was the goal. Again the time was stretched to 1 minute with no penalty for any of the PAX
  • Last we hit an additional lap with PAX keeping it under their goal


  • LBC – IC – 30
  • Flutter Kicks – IC – 30
  • Doc I hate You – 3 count hold – 5


  • Count a roma
  • Name a roma
  • Prayer


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