Northeast Tennessee

All Push No Pull, Not Cool

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

The rain stopped minutes before 17 PAX gathered to put in some work.  Gutterball, fresh off of vacation, brought some new ideas and a few ideas from @F3GsoCougarTown.

Gutterball is not a professional, but he talked with a professional last week and came to realization that we push a lot but never really pull.  Today we will include the back muscle (wait, is there more than one…)

  • SSH ICx24
  • LBAC IC (on one foot – we tried it, seemed to be a nice twist) x10 on left foot, x10 backward on right foot
  • TTT IC x10
  • WMH x10 count each leg, ending with a sumo squat/stretch x10
  • Crab Jacks IC x 10 (missed photo opportunity)

Mosey to the playground.

PAX did the all of the exercises below x10 reps (except pull ups), then rinse and repeated x20, then x30 until time was called.  Half the PAX started half-way down the list to accommodate the number of swings.   The PAX ran to the opposite end of the parking lot to complete the sub-bullet points below and back to the original spot to complete the main bullet points.


  • Diamond Merkins
    • Underdogs (supine rows using two swings)
  • Merkins
    • Underdogs
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • 5 pull ups or chin ups


  • Lunges (each leg)
    • LBC
  • Squats
    • LBC
  • Baryshnikov Squats (toes pointed at 10 and 2 o’clock, heels off of ground and squat)
  • 5 pull ups/chin ups

ALPHABET (in caps)  – on your six to spell the letters with your legs extended.
A group of guys at the College of Pharmacy recently retreated to talk about the Outward Mindset.  Basically, approach situations thinking about the needs, goals, and objectives of others.  A quote from that book, “As far as I’m concerned, the problem is me”.  Focus on your personal or work relationships and think about how you could change first before criticizing others.
Saturday convergence at IronHorse

Sign up to Q – spots still open in June


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