Northeast Tennessee

Arrowhead Tour 2.0

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

5 PAX came on a cloudy but pleasant 70 degree morning.  The sixth Q of this week.  It’s probably good that nobody in attendance did all six workouts this week.

  • SSH x 15 IC
  • (We did not do the Cheerleader b/c QIC didn’t practice it ahead of time)
  • Dynamic warm-up while walking
    • 20 yards of LBAC forward
    • 20 yards of LBAC reverse
    • 20 yards of high knees
    • 20 yards of butt kicks
  • Copperhead squats x10 IC
  • Clock Merkins x5 IC at 12:00, 6:00, and 3:00
  • Crab jacks x 10

[it was decided that walking little baby arm circles and crab jacks make us look cool!]


Nine stations throughout the AO.  Two exercises in each station, most having 20 reps each.  PAX moseyed through the stations as a group for the first round and separated based on ability for the rinse and repeat.

  • Station 1 (bathroom building)
    • Burpees x20
    • Wall sits x20 IC
  • Station 2 (top of track)
    • Little baby crunches x 20
    • Dying cockroach x20
  • Station 3 (baseball field)
    • Score two in-the-park home runs (ie, sprint around the bases twice)
  • Station 4 (side stairwell)
    • Box jumps x20
    • Lunges x20 (10ea)
  • Station 5 (monkey bars)
    • Burp-ups x20
    • Incline merkins x20
  • Station 6 (swingsets)
    • Underdogs x20
    • Merkins x20
  • Station 7 (middle of hill)
    • Half: Peter Parkers
    • Half: sprint half the hill, then Bernie Sanders to the top, mosey back
    • Each PAX ran the hill twice
  • Station 8 (side of track)
    • Triceps dips x20
    • Squats x20
  • Station 9 (bottom of track)
    • Decline merkins x20
    • American hammers x20 IC

Everyone made it to about Round 2, Station 5 before time called


  • Five deep breaths (it felt necessary)
  • Sumo stretch x10
  • WMH each side x10


Pray for Glory in hope for successful selling of his house.  Pray for Gutterball’s M having a baby this month.  Pray for Pedialyte’s father who is in ICU.

QIC recently read a book, Visual Intelligence, that talks about how people observe details in their life and environment.  With that being said, we paused to reflect on Jose, a name often overlooked by those who attend Arrowhead.  The name is on the cross at the stop sign to exit the campus.  His memorial is always well maintained showing how something that we often don’t think twice about – is a significant symbol for somebody else.  We can’t assume the weights that people carry on their minds.

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