Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Perfect 63 degree morning with 6 PAX
Motivators from 7

he PAX showed up to a ready set Monopoly board set on half of a soccer field.  Spit into groups of 2/2/2 we set out from go rolling dice to determine our next move. Each property had an exercise associated with it. Moseyed from property to property

Mediterranean Avenue- Wide arm Merkins x10

Community Chest- Run to the middle sound the air horn lead Merlin’s I.C. x10

Baltic Avenue- Goofballs- x10

Income Tax- Mosey a lap of the board

Reading Railroad- Side straddle hop jumps- x10 I.C.

Oriental Avenue- Imerial Walker- x10 I.C.

Chance- Draw a card- perform the exercise

Vermont Avenue- Mountain Climbers-x 10 I.C.

Connecticut Avenue- Crab Humpers(Pickle Pounder) x 15 I.C.

Jail- Prisioners- x10 I.C.

St. Charles Place- Lunge to the Cylinder Blue frag and back

Electric Company- Lt. Dans- 10 I.C.

States Avenue- Alphabet- Spell what state you were born in

Virgina Avenue- Rockette Hillbillies- 8 each leg

Pennsylvania Railroad- Side Staddle Squats- x10 I.C.

St. James Place- Big Boy sit-ups- x 10 I.C.

Community Chest- Sound the Air horn- Lead merkins x 10 I.C.

Tennessee Avenue- Alabama butt-kickers-  x 10 I.C.

New York Avenue- Slinky- to White flag and back

Free Parking- Plank for 30 seconds

Kentucky Avenue- Hillbilly Walkers- x 10 I.C.

Chance- Draw a card, do the exercise

Indiana Avenue- 180 Jump Squats

Illiniois Avenue- Bear Crawl to middle sprint back

B&O Railroad- Side Straddle Hops- x15 I.C.

Atlantic Avenue- Crab Cakes-  x 10 I.C.

Ventor Avenue- V-up x 10

Water Works- Fire Hydrants 15 Each Leg

Marvin Gardens- Copperhead Squats- x 10

Go To Jail- Sprint to jail, do the prisioner to get out, sprint back

Pacific Avenue- Dive Bombers- x 10

North Carolina Avenue- Squat into a one footed Jump- Dukie into a Tar-heel x 10 each leg

Community Chest- Sound the air horn, lead merkins I.C. x 10

Pennsylvania Avenue- Frankenstein’s to Green flag and back

Short Line Railroad- Smurf Jacks- x 10 I.C.

Chance- Draw a card, perform the exercise

Park Place- Peter Parker’s- x 10

Luxury Tax- Diamond merkins- x 10

Boardwalk- Plank for 1 minute

Go- Free roll no exercise



Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable).

Prayer for Chunk and his family dealing with the loss of his Grandmother, Hooker for some heart issues he is dealing with like the champion he is, Ma Bell and Peterbilt, Bible Schools thoughout the County

Stair Climb Sep 6, YMCA Erwin Triathlon

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