Northeast Tennessee

A Hypothetical Post

Gray The Underground (Daniel Boone HS) Northeast Tennessee Johnson City

Everything you are about to read is purely hypothetical or speculation of what a Q might have looked like today if Underground was officially open. Let’s assume 4 Pax made the tough choice to show up in the cold and snow. 36 degrees with heavy snowfall. If there were Pax there, it may have been said that nothing was planned but that they would not be getting on the ground. Good thing YHC would have stepped up to host an impromptu Q. YHC doesn’t mind getting in the snow.
SSH – 40 – IC

WMH – 10 count left and right, 10 count to the middle

Plank – 10 seconds, Downward dog – 10 seconds and stretch calves, upward dog – 10 seconds.

On your 6: legs straight and touch your toes, then into a butterfly hold.
It may have been said by a Pax that they had planned to mosey to the church for cover, again, good thing YHC would have decided to stay put in the snow.

  • 2 Rounds of 5 exercises with 10 reps each. Each round followed by a lap.
  • Round 1: deadlifts, bent-over rows, curls, overhead presses, tricep extensions.
  • Round 2: Merkins, weighted squats, weighted calf raises, SSH, dips
  • We may have completed 3 sets of each round with laps and then a set each without a lap.

If we had been there this morning, YHC probably would have wanted to make sure we got to relive our youth and play in the snow a little.

10 Hello Dolly

10 Gas pumps

10 Leg lifts

10 Heels to Heaven

10 Supermans
PRAYER – Remember a coworker of Telegram who lost her husband yesterday due to Covid complications. 


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