Northeast Tennessee

Farmer Carry Friday

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

7 PAX braved the “winter storm” to engage in a lot of mumble chatter and a little bit of fitness.

SSH x31

LBAC (forward & reverse) x15

Imperial Walker x15?

PAX carried two coupons farmer carry style across the AO with various pit stops where we spent some time with our dear 1:4 ratio friends Jack Webb, Captain Thor, and Lt. Dan.

FC to the bottom of CTE hill – Jack Webb 1:4 – 5:20.

FC to the top of CTE hill – Captain Thor 1:4 – 5:20

FC to the dumpsters – Lt. Dan 1:4 – 5:20. YHC slowed squat count to make sure full range of motion was achieved by all. PAX were spared any impressions of the great Tom Hanks after Beanie’s performance Wednesday.

FC to the benches – Johnny Drama w/ coupon IC x10. Jack Webb 6:24 – 7:28

FC to the top of the tiered lots – Johnny Drama w/ coupon IC X10. Captain Thor 6:24 – 7:28

FC across the lot and down the steps – Lt. Dan 6:24 – 7:28

FC across the lot – Jack Webb 8:32

FC down the steps – Captain Thor 8:32

Bear Crawl up Little Lane Hill – mosey back down

FC to the base of church hill – Lt. Dan 8:32

Everest up Church Hill – mosey back down.

FC back to starting lot – Jack Webb 9:36

FC a little more – Captain Thor 9:36

FC back to start – Lt. Dan 9:36.

No Time
Farmer Carries take something we do every day (walking) and turn it into something that requires use of all of our muscle groups. PAX were challenged to find ways to be fully engaged using all of our talents, strength, and ability into the every day routine activities that sometimes occur on auto pilot.

It’s time for Latrine to sign up for a VQ.

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