Northeast Tennessee

Christmas in January

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

Seven pax braved the 19 degree morning where a field of frozen tundra greeted us for a few bear crawls and crabwalks.  At least one pax (shout-out to Chum) said the cold temps actually drove him to want to come out even more.  YHC had planned a 12 Days of Christmas classic that was snowed out so we got it in 35 days late.  Tunes (some obscure) from the 90s replaced Christmas music and the countdown began.  Ultra led a sing-along of “Gangsta’s Paradise.”
SSH x 20 IC
LBAC (forward) x 15 IC
LBAC (reverse) x 15 IC
Overhead Claps x 15 IC
Shoulder Pretzels x 15 IC
Pax then did a “capture the flag” Indian Run around the Soccer Track with the last pax picking up the flag from the leader.

Start with Day 1 and move through the 12 Days of Christmas.  With each additional day, pax worked back down to Day 1.  After day 6, a sidewalk loop run was added in each time.  The day’s number determined the reps.

  • Day 1: Apple-Turn-over (bear crawl to first set of cone the flip and crabwalk to second set before running back)
  • Day 2: LBCs (4 count)
  • Day 3: Merkins with sidewalk rotations (3 each direction)
  • Day 4: Prisoner Squats
  • Day 5: Monkey Humpers
  • Day 6:  Curls with coupon
  • Sidewalk Loop
  • Day 7: Chest Presses
  • Day 8: BBSUs
  • Day 9: Flutter Kicks
  • Day 10: Shoulder Taps
  • Day 11:  American Hammers
  • Day 12: Burpees!

No time. Pax made one final loop run.
Often we have an opportunity to go back and do something we missed.  Sometimes we don’t.  When we do, we should take advantage of it and make each count, even when we are just doing routine, mundane tasks.  We don’t get the days back.

Prayers for Chum’s family battling COVID, a family that Cold Call knows dealing with tough medical news, and all the guys in all our AOs.
More info coming about convergence, Q Source tomorrow morning, and get on the Q for February.

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