Northeast Tennessee

Quick Audible to 8’s & Loops

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

10 PAX got out from their warm fartsacks to enjoy the spitting rain/snow and a discussion about if/when school closures may or probably wouldn’t happen.
YHC took the Q yesterday, had a plan, but then found it wouldn’t be very feasible with the Vaccine setup around Freedom Hall. So YHC quickly changed course and recycled the V F3 Post which was led by Rudy, but first we did a Ponzi lap. And wouldn’t you know it, who showed up as we were headed to do the Thang….the namesake himself, Ponzi.

During the ponzi lap and mosey to the 3 tiered parking lot, PAX partnered up. Upon arrival partners selected who would be partner 1 and who would be partner 2. Partner 1 went for a run through campus making all the right turns leading back the 3 tiered parking lot while partner 2 did some type of figure 8s. (Not just plain circles for 45 mins Whiplash). Some PAX used the stairs, some just ran the full length of the tiers. To each their own. #ModifyAsNecessary. After making the loop back Partner 1 & Partner 2 flapjack. Continue until time is called.

Once again there is no MARY at #THEHILL
More debate about school being open or closed. Something about having 2 3 Day weekends or 1 4 day weekend.
1st F Bromance Challenge has started. Get a partner. Run miles. Do burpees. Do SSH. Do Merkins. Also 2/20 Convergence at The Range 0630 start time. More details coming.

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