Northeast Tennessee

Bro-tacular Wednesday

Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

8 Pax showed up in the 23-degree weather to get some work in with their Bros led by both Ultra and Whiplash. The soundtrack was from our college days and was filled with Yeahs, Okays, and some Whats.
COP- Ultra
Through the tunnel (IC), Willie Mays Hays (IC) and a Ponzi Lap
THE THANG- Whiplash
Pax paired up and went to work on a DORA. One partner completed SSH, Merkins, or Kettlebell Swings; while the other partner did a polar bear crawl to the flag dragging their coupon and a mosey back (after the first round after some detail was provided).

  • Totals
    • 100 Merkins
    • 200 Kettlebell Swings
    • 300 SSH

EMOM with 5 burpees was next for 10 rounds.

MARY- Ultra
Left with more than usual time by a Whiplash ruse the following was completed: LBCs, Slaughtivators, Ponzi Lap, Flutter Kicks, Heels to Heaven, and Box Cutters.

Be intentional with those you encounter today. You may be the only person those people talk to today.
Convergence at the range on 2/20.

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