Northeast Tennessee

Dora the Unicorn & the Wall of Triple Pain

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

Balmy 20 degree morning with clear skies and plenty of frost.  QIC – Honeysuckle

SSH (IC) X 25

Imperial Walkers (IC) X 25

LBACs (IC) X 10 forward, 10 reverse, 10 overhead claps, 10 seal claps

Mosey to the parking lot at the bottom of the hill with coupon and complete the following:

Progressive Dora, start at the bottom of the hill, with a partner complete 100 cumulative merkins while the other partner runs to the midpoint of the hill, completes 5 burpees, then runs back to switch.

After that, carry the coupons to the midpoint of hill.  One partner completes squats while the other runs to the top.  200 cumulative squats.

Then the top of the hill is home base for 300 cumulative LBCs while the partner runs down to the midpoint and back.

Proceed back to the midpoint and complete cumulative 400 coupon curls (yeah, they were left here from the last station) while the other partner runs to the bottom, completes 5 burpees then runs back.  

Finally back to the bottom with coupon and complete cumulative of 500 SSHs from the starting point of the morning while the other partner runs to the midpoint, does 5 burpees and runs back.  (NOTE: no one proceeded past 400 curls)

For the finale, we completed Striker’s (my 2.3) Wall of Triple Pain.  PAX line up for wall sits WITH coupon.  Count PAX, subtract 1, then double that number is the burpee penalty for the first PAX off the wall.  Each subsequent PAX who comes out of the wall sit does 2 less burpees until the last man “sitting” completes 0.  

Mosey to the starting point with the shovel flag.

Flutter Kicks (IC) X 55


It was good to see the Arrowhead PAX again. Don’t worry, I’ll be back…..

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