Northeast Tennessee

The Range Has Hills – Winter Convergence 2021

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

51 PAX from the seven AOs from across the NE Tennessee region gathered at The Range on a clear but cold 23 degree morning to celebrate Winter Convergence with a tour of the host AO’s most popular hills.
The seven AOQs led warm up.
LBAC (F and R), OH Claps, Seal Claps x 10 (Moneypenny – The Range)
Slaughtivators from 4 (Jester – Arrowhead)
Through the Tunnel x 10 (Homer – Immortal Station)
Abe Vigoda and WMH (Jamboree – Wilderness Road)
Iron Merkins (Grillz – Iron Valley)
SSH (Sugar – Iron Horse)
Leg Lifts and Hello Dollys (JarJar – Underground)

PAX numbered off into groups of three and accompanied two Range PAX for a tour of three stations highlighting three of the hills favored by the Range PAX.

STATION ONE (3 Tiered Parking Lot – led by Beanie and Rite Aid)
4 Corners: Sets of 10 Reps at each location: Top of Bullpen Hill-HR Merkins, Top Level Far Stairs-Jump Squats, Bottom level far stairs: V-Ups, Bottom of Bullpen Hill-Burpees
Rinse & Repeat until time called.  

STATION TWO (Ranger Hill near CTE Building – led by Whiplash and Moneypenny)
Begin at bottom of the hill with 20 SSH
Everest Up to first set up Cones then run the remainder
Lt. Dans (ascending each round from 1:4 to 7:28) at the top
Run back to bottom for 20 SSH
Rinse and repeat until time is called to transition

STATION THREE (Skate Park – led by Launchpad and Cold Call)

DORA w 3 levels of suck and three member teams
Person 1 starts @ skate park working on:
75 wall jumps, 150 dips, 225 incline merkins
Person 2 starts @ 1st tree on R up the hill working on:
50 burpees, 100 WW1 sit-ups 150 squats
Person 3 starts with person 2:
Bear crawl to 3rd tree then jog down to replace person 1 at bottom. Person 1 jogs to replace person 2 up hill, etc.

No time except for group two who completed a quick round of Flutter Kicks led by Honeysuckle.
Our regional Nantan, Kardashian, shared a story about troubles between a longtime married couple.  He reminded the PAX that F3 meets a lot of different needs and that we needed to not keep it a secret.  Men need this in type of accountability and motivation in their lives.
Coffeteria was enjoyed by PAX afterwards.

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