Northeast Tennessee

Someone Needs an A.L.A.R.M.

Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Jonesborough Northeast Tennessee

11 Sleepy Pax were in need of an A.L.A.R.M. for the first workout after the leap forward to daylight savings time. It was a comfortable 45 degrees but you wouldn’t have known it for the lack of mumble chatter that greeted YHC during the warmup (seriously, it was like zombies in cadence).


SSH – IC x 25

IW – IC x 15

LBAC (F&R) – IC x 15

Mosey to First Baptist parking lot

THE THANG – Grab a partner. One partner runs down and back up Baptist Hill while the other does an exercise. Switch and repeat until all exercise reps are completed.

  • Arms – 500 Shoulder Taps (1=1)
  • Legs – 400 Squats
  • Abs – 300 LBCs
  • R – Run down and back up Baptist Hill
  • M – 200 Merkins

Burpee Tag – Partner who is “it” does 2 burpees to give runner a head start around the AO parking lot islands. “It” partner tries to catch up to runner before they get back to start.  If caught, runner does 5 burpees upon return to start. If not caught, “it” partner does 5 burpees. Trade roles and repeat.

MARY – Short plank until time called.

MOLESKIN – Who we choose as our partner is important.  We are called to be in the world serving and leading people to Christ. While we are doing that and pouring into others, we have to make good choices in who we have pouring into us.

Fill up the Q for the last week of March.

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