Northeast Tennessee

Daddy Daycare @ The Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

9 PAX unsacked on a warm spring morning.


Imperial Walkers x15

PAX carried blocks (infant carrier style) to the paved track. PAX carried blocks to stations around the track every 1/4 loop.

Station #1: Feeding. We had a nurse compare breastfeeding to scraping your boobs on asphalt. So we did 10 HR Merkins IC. Carry block to station 2.

Station #2: Burping. 10 Burpees OYO. Carry block to station 3.

Station #3: Diaper change: 10 Flutter Kicks IC w/ coupon. Carry block to station 4.

Station #4: Rock to sleep: 10 Curls. Carry block back to start “crib.”

Leave block behind and mosey a lap around the parking lot. Nobody called DCS on the unsupervised blocks.

Round 2 – add one rep to each station. Extra diaper change after Station 4 (20 flutter kicks IC). After making it through every station do another lap around the parking lot.

Round 3 – Leave blocks and bear crawl to stations 1 and 2 (add an extra HR merkin and burpee). Lunge to station 3 (Sub heel touch LBCs). Mosey to station 4. Beanie said he wanted siblings so sub curls for Monkey Humpers (10) and Pickle Pointers (10 and hold at the top). Mosey back to crib and bring blocks back to start.

Reverse Crunches & block v-ups (YHC)

Freddie Mercurys (Beanie)

LBCs (Dopee)

American Hammers (Cold Call)

Plank (Yogi) In cadence – a first!
Pray for Yogi’s snip snip next week (the big V). Pray for Dopee’s father (heart issues/health concerns).

5.1 mile run on Tuesday for Moneypenny’s 51st birthday at Tweetsie Trail.

1 or 2 more April dates left on the calendar – sign up to Q!

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