Northeast Tennessee

Lazy Dora and More

Gray The Underground (Daniel Boone HS) Northeast Tennessee Johnson City

I believe Alexa said it was 63 degrees. I observed mostly clear skies and no breeze or precipitation. 4 Pax made the tough decision to get up and out on a Friday morning.
SSH – 10 IC

Arm pulls over the shoulder and cross-body – !0 count each hold.

WMH – 10 count each side and middle

Butterfly Hold, Right over left and Left over right holds.

Mosey 120 yards down and back
Lazy Dora:

100 Merkins, 200 BBSU, 300 Squats: Partner 1 completes 10 reps of merkins, partner 2 holds plank. Flap Jack until you reach 100. Continue this pattern for the remaining exercises: 20 reps on BBSU and hold 6-in leg lift. 30 reps on squats and hold Al Gore

  • Mosey down and back or lap, Pax choice.
  • Meet up at stadium steps for Merkin Mountain: Start at the bottom of the stadium steps and in the incline push-up position about 2-3 steps up. Do 1 merkin then bear crawl until your feet are where your hands were then do 2 reps. Continue this pattern until you are at the top.
  • Circle back up – 15 LBFCs (Little Baby Flutter Kick Crunches) Good exercise, may take a few times to get used to them. 15 LBCs, 10 Merkins, 20 squats rinse and repeat. Bear Crawl to the fence at the grassy area next to the entrance.

Pax Choice: Ripcord – Leg Lifts 20 – IC, GoldDust – Flutter kicks – 10 IC


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