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Hopkins Hero WOD

Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Jonesborough Northeast Tennessee

10 Pax were at Immortal Station this cool-ish morning with just a slight touch of humidity starting to make its way back to the area. Two disappeared into the fading shadows and returned a little later. They were either running or going to Dunkin Donuts.

Warmup- We took a short mosey around the islands in the parking lot, followed by some other warmup exercises. Some were in cadence, some were not. (SSH, LBAC, Frankenstein, standing knee to chest pull, side shuffles, carioca).

The Thang- The plan for today’s Q came together a few weeks ago. YHC has a friend who is an Illinois State Trooper. She posted online that she had just signed up  to do an event honoring a fallen ISP SWAT member who was killed in the line of duty on 8/23/19. His name was Nick Hopkins, and his family and friends created a foundation in his honor to give back to their community- Foundation 6141 ( ) . They created this workout, and they were doing it today to raise money and to honor him. There was a gym version and a home version.  The workout was created by his cousin and some members of his SWAT team. The numbers involved are connected to him.

3-for his three children

6141- for his Badge/Star number

2568- for his Call sign

9- for members of his SWAT team

The Hopkins Hero WOD- Home version

3 rounds of the following exercises

61 Lunges (R1 L2 R3, etc.)

41 Situps or V-ups

25 Merkins

68 Squats

9 Burpees

Once you have completed 3 rounds, it is time to honor his wife with a 400m burden carry (Rx was 45 pounds). This completes the base Hopkins Hero WOD

Usually, when I create a Q plan, I give it a test run at home prior to the actual day so I can make any adjustments needed for time. I had not done that with this one, but I felt like we would not use the whole hour of a Saturday morning. With that in mind, I created some “Bonus work” while keeping to numbers related to the event.

First Bonus:

61 lateral hops over block/bag/line (over/back=1)

41 KB swings of coupon (these were in the gym version, so I decided to put them in here)

25 Squat thrusts

68 Mountain Climbers (R/L=1)

9 more burpees

Then, do another 400m burden carry

Second Bonus: He was killed in the line of duty on 8/23/19

8 Burpees

23 Overhead press

19 Supermans (2 second hold)

When this is done, you can rinse and repeat any segment exercises you wish until time is called

Mary:  30-60 second planks to get the last little but until 7am


PRAYER- Band Camp’s cousin who was in a car accident

Moleskin- The reason this foundation was created was to honor someone who not only lost his life, but to honor his reputation for volunteering and giving back to his community. They encourage people to “Show Up. Give Back.” I think we do a pretty good job of that here in F3 NETN, so I encourage everyone to just keep doing that. Keep looking for those opportunities to give back. If you know of an opportunity in your work, your church, your whatever, don’t be afraid to share it on Slack. You may be able to round up some extra hands to help the cause.


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