Northeast Tennessee

You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Northeast Tennessee The Range (Science Hill)

August 11th: Apparently muggy day in Upper East TN but 69* w/ a SSE 2.9 mi/h wind gusts to help the 16 men get in solid work before the work day began. Also thank you to JCPD for questioning all suspicious characters writing in chalk on the HS property and thanks for no citation for graffiti.
Warmup??? If you want to warmup get to the Q early. We got work to do.
What has been formally named the Ranger Mile was the site of our Q today. As our large circle has grown, YHC wanted to make sure some of the newer PAX got some work in with a veteran PAX and/or someone that they may not always partner up with. We started with an Indigenous Run with 4 stops along the way for exercise A & B with A being the time keeper. FlapJack and then both PAX do B exercise until the 6 finished and IR to next stop. Also, each station required a new partner.

  • Stop 1 2nd Staircase 3 tier lot: A)HR Merkin Ladders on Middle Tier (1, 2, 4, 8, 16) B) Reverse Crunches
  • Stop 2 Topper Lane & John Exum: A) Everest B) Boat/Canoes
  • Stop 3 Yellow Post between Soccer Track & Tennis Courts: A)Menpees up to 5 B) FoxHoles
  • Stop 4 Top of Ranger Hill: A) 15 Curls (for the Girls) & 10 Squat Thrusters B) 15 Bench Press & 10 Triceps Extensions or Dips

:45 Second Plank to reach 0615. Managed 6 total stations and a long run back to start.
Easiest way to have someone else let their guard down, is to put your guard down first.
If you have some how missed the FCC 5k signs around town that’s coming up on 9/11 which is being headed up by Dopee, St. Jude 5K hosted by Yogi 9/25, Meet the Mountains on 8/20-21 if you’re up to talking to strangers about waking up early, and something else I’m sure.

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