Northeast Tennessee

All About the Benjamins, Immortal Station

Northeast Tennessee

A balmy 34 degrees at Jonesborough Library with 11 Pax- Homer, Honeysuckle, Cheeks, Cluck, Frazier, Chaco, Mail Order, El Camino, Pam, and Short Track, including an FNG, Mason.
DISCLAIMER- The 5 Principles of F3 – free of charge, open to all men, outdoors (rain or shine or snow), peer led, and a circle of trust at the end, was verbalized. 
PRAYER- Heavenly Father, thank you for this day. Help us to put our trust in you. Keep us safe, watch each footfall, and help us strenghen our temples to your glory. Amen.
Started with motivators from 6; followed by a high stretch-to-touch your toes-to-plank-to-upward dog-to-downward dog-to plank-to-5 merkins-to-stand (repeat descending merkins 4-3-2-1); little baby arm circles in cadence, 5 count forward and back, followed by medium arm circles, same count, then big arm circles, same count. Finished with Harry Rockets to 6, in cadence.
All About the Benjamins has 10 rounds, with each round consisiting of a 25-count coupon exercise, 25 walking lunges (one leg is one), 25 leg/core exercises, and another/fourth round of 25 walking lunges. A bridge lap was required between rounds. Exercises 1 & 3 per round were:

  • Curls and squats (Round 1)
  • Overhead press and mountain climbers (Round 2)
  • Tricep extensions and flutter kicks (Round 3)
  • Grave diggers and LBCs (Round 4)
  • Kettlebell swings and Mike Tysons (paired up for 25, modified) (Round 5)
  • Elf on the Shelf and Burpees (Round 6). This is as far as we got.
  • Bent Rows and Heels to Heaven (Round 7).
  • Upright rows and V-ups (Round 8)
  • Straight arm raises and Reverse crunches (Round 9)
  • Manmaker merkin and Big Boy sit-ups (Round 10).

On our 6 for a few abs (Chaco led flutter kicks, Frazier Heels to Heaven, and Honeysuckle elevator merkins to finish).
CIRCLE OF TRUST- Mason, our FNG, told us his story: served the US Army in Norfolk, VA. Tranisitioning out and having moved to our area, is looking at TSA as a possible employer. We nicknamed him ‘Cavity.’
PRAYER- Homer’s family, the Lowe family (lost home in fire), and Dopey’s dad who passed recently. 
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