Northeast Tennessee

Who tricked who?

Northeast Tennessee

Last night I was getting ready for bed and made the mistake of asking, “Who has the Q tomorrow and will there be a lot of running?”  Whiplash responded with – you tell us…..Q!

With that said, 7 brave men came out to defeat the 20degree weather of #NETN.  Luckily for me the 1 other time I was at this AO, we ran around the ENTIRE school, so I had an idea of what we were working with.


Warm Up

  • SSH – 50 in cadence but speeding up as we got higher in the count
  • Arm Circles – forward and back
  • Mericans – 10 in slow cadence
    • staying down in plank we stretch the right hand to heaven, then the left
    • Mountain Climbers in cadence to 10
  • Toy Soldier – 10 in Cadence
  • Long Snapper (you call it…through the tunnel, I think) – 10 in cadence
  • Squat – 10 in cadence

The Thang – Partner Up (one group had 3 so we had 2 guys “shadow”)

  • The Move
    • P1 – grab coupon and head to other parking lot
    • P2 – 5 burpees and catch partner
    • swap to end of other parking lot
  • The Pain (P2 is the timer – when they finish – swap)
    • P1 – Squats
    • P2 – LBC to 50
    • swap
    • P1 – Mericans
    • P2 – Freddy Mercury to 50
    • swap
    • P1 – Squat Thrusters
    • P2 – JLo to 50
    • swap
  • The Get Back
    • Zamprini (coupon overhead) back to the cars

Circle of Pain/Mary

  • Sally – PAX choice Mericans or Squats – we did Squats (youtube Moby – Flower)
  • Merican Time Bomb!
  • Mary….I forgot what we did – Precious called something and we did something else.




  • Thanks Whiplash for letting me Q this am!  (Letting me)….real talk, it is always an honor to lead an F3 group of men.
  • Rumor has it Rite-Aide is BACK!!!! (the rumors are true)
  • It was COLD but we warmed up quick (at least I did).  It was great to sweat with you guys this am…lots of chatter and we all know the 2ndF is the best part of F3.
  • The 6 was never left alone #AlwaysWatchThe6

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