Northeast Tennessee

SkEtChY fun – GB did his homework!

Northeast Tennessee

It was a warm 29 degrees this morning, Etch-A-Sketch took the privilege of parking in the Q Spot this morning, which meant one thing.  Yes, like usual Jake came in on 2 wheels causing GhostRider to be late but it meant that ArrowHead got SkEtChY.

Props to Gutterball (not PBS – thanks SPAM) for reading the disclaimer and holding me to NOT doubling up on the Q from yesterday.


Warm Up

  • 45 seconds of Jump Squats (yes….Jump and Squat while in the air)
  • Long Snapper (aka Through the Tunnel) x10 IC (in cadence)
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x10 IC
  • Toy Soldier x10 IC
  • Sticky Butt Kickers x10IC
  • Mericans – x10 IC slow
    • stay in plank
    • right arm up (right leg for the studs)
    • left arm up (left leg up….Gutterball)
    • Up Dog, Down Dog (up for debate)
    • Mountain Climbers x10IC

Slow mosey down the track, cut in front of the school and then up to #TheHill

Partner Work on the Hill (P2 is the timer)

  • Set 1
    • P1 Squats
    • P2 Run up and back
  •  Set 2
    • P1 Mericans
    • P2 Quadraphallia (aka Bernie Sanders)
  • Set 3
    • P1 LBC
    • P2 Bear Crawl

Run to the Wall

  • People’s Chair
    • R Kelly
    • Raise the Roof
    • Karate Kid (paint the fence)
  • Balls 2 the Wall (aka D**ks on bricks)

Repeato (Partner Work)

Mosey to parking lot

  • Sally (Moby – Flower) – today we gave the PAX the choice, since the final deciding vote came to me….I made it PAX choice (I was not doing mericans)
  • Mary
    • Pretzel (left and right) x10 IC
    • Heels to Heaven x4 IC


  • Jester – thanks for letting me lead this fine group of men and again for the EH and getting me out of the FartSac and being a SadClown, this is a GREAT group!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • #TheHill is becoming my favorite part of ArrowHead the AO
  • Gutterball, sorry for the PBS reference (it was a compliment!), humbled you took the time to read my backblast form yesterday, glad I did NOT do a repeat-o
  • LOVE the mumble chatter that comes out at 5:30am! Lets get this thing growing!

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